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taylorswift do you remember when this happened? Two of the best days for the PPP (Puzzle Piece Project) Group :) Seems like so long ago but we’re all so excited for 1989!

I made da piece wit da cookies. And it said yo. So there was that. taylorswift

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Just for Tumblr…

I need one of these.

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My sister is having a moment with taylorswift's new song, “Welcome to New York”. I have taught her so well since pulling her into my bedroom to listen to “Come in With the Rain” on MySpace in 2006.


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Track 7

taylorswift BB why do you always write lyrics that get to the core of my relationships?!?!?!

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On one hand, I cannot believe this was four years ago. On the other, this seems like a lifetime ago….Backstage at the Opry with taylorswift before Speak Now came out.

Build a friendship before marrying someone. Marry your best friend.

  • taylor swift: the "county cutie" era
  • fearless: the "whimsical fairytale" era
  • speak now: the "hopeless romantic" era
  • red: the intense "loved and lost" era
  • 1989: the "i don't give a flying fuck what you think" era


Track 1

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